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The Path is the story of a man's journey in life who remains true to himself no matter what.

It's a life story that will bring hope. The main character, Vincent faces many challenges without backing off and smoothly take all the opportunities he's offered throughout his journey. No matter the cost or the circumstances, he always stays on track.
At death's door, he surpasses it, gets back on track, and inspires you by showing strength and motivation. Searching for directions has sometimes led him to the worst situations.
However, his only option to survive is to move on without losing grip on reality.
We are following Vincent to a world of soldiers, rural places, luxury and hotel industry, fortune-telling, a Hollywood filming scene etc.
We are time travelling through flashbacks of his family in Cameroun and through space thanks to the wonderful sceneries. All these different worlds swing into motion smoothly.


During his adventure, the main character went to many cities and countries: San Francisco, New York, Martinique, Bora Bora, Los Angeles.

Step 1

San Francisco

Step 2

New York

Step 3


Step 4

Bora Bora

Step 5

Los Angeles

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Christophe Santoro

Self-taught, Christophe learns from his experience. Despite the chaos surrounding him, he lives life fully as if faith was telling him to accept life in all its inconsistencies.

Christophe's message is that you should never lose hope, never stay cloistered but realise that getting back up is possible when you accept the feeling of losing control as you let it go without jeopardizing your chances.
The clear-mindedness of the author about the events he went through does not take away the dream and his wonderful realisations. Every moment of life is a gift.

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Sat, November 24th

Gallery Night signing session

"The Path" book release in Japan, Bora Bora & New York



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